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These prototypes are different in terms of profile than the standard stabs. The outlines are however the same.
These prototype stabs can only be used in bottom mount (takuma, afs, alpine foil etc) for 30mm center distance.
The stabs are delivered with a set of 5 shims which will allow you to adapt it properly to your fuselage with the choice of 5 different angles.

- Mako 172 proto #1: Powerful profil and will work very well in Wingfoil with great control and speed to go fast. Very stiff.

- Thazard 160 proto #1: Versatile profile with a lot of glide, moderate lift : suitable for Wingfoil for a rdier < 70 kilos.
- Thazard 160 proto #2 [SOLD]: Versatile profile that provides more lift than the #1. Suitable for both wing and surffoil.

Has been used for development but sanded & refurbished so they look like new.

The shims set chosen allows you to adapt all KPARTS stabilizers to your foil by adjusting the angle according to your needs.

Each tail comes with a cover, a set of shims that matches your foil (choose from the drop-down menu), 2 screws of greater length.

Tail wings made from G10 (compressed fiberglass), machined in our workshop in Brest.
The covers are made by hand in imitation leather, in our workshop.
The shims are 3D printed with PETG.
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